why this terrible name? – well – I always thought, that I have a hobby not so much people are following. In this location I have learned the opposite. When we arrived, it was OK – no-one there. After a while dozends of photographers, models and other strange people where around. One guy named the place ‘the bitch of the abandoned locations’. The most repellent experience was a group of getto kids making a ‘music’ video: …and here the exciding result: Source: Youtube (applied the standard “embedding link”)   Here two photos, maybe not everybody took?


ABANDONED places tour ’15 – THE HOTEL

This is the first post of a series about the latest ABANDONED places tour ’15 we did through the easter weekend. The 4-days tour was through the Jura souabe (Schwäbische Alb), Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in the south of germany and the Alsace (Elsass) in the south-east of France. We took photos from during laylight from 7 to 7, so it was again a really hard tour with a few sleep and some small injuries climbing over fences etc… Here now the first series of THE HOTEL:   This is the first B/W series of the kitchen and the sallar: This photos made it on FLICKR into the ‘explore’ and got …

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Volcán de Colima

Motivated by a Spiegel Online sequence just released these days about the’Volcán de Colima’ (3850m) I have browsed through my photos of the year 2007 and I’ve found my view of the volcano. I was sitting on the neighbour volcano, which is meanwhile extincted, the ‘Nevado de Colima’. The coordinates are: 19.540600, -103.613045. Here the amazing video about the erruption: Have a look now to my view which I had from the other mountain which is in fact the higher one (4330m). It can be seen in the video the background. I have visited this mountain in 2007 by car. That means, I was driving a bumpy and dusty 30km …



On the abandoned places tours, sometimes nice places for a selfie (ego-shoot) can be found. I have started this kind of photos already some years ago with the x-mas special “The pink T-shirt”. Now here comes “The Bunker”: I have added also a dedicated page – the “ME – ego-shoots – D40OOM.eu“                                                        



Another exciding location of my ABANDONED places tour ’14. It was a power station. The heart of the facility consists of two 35m ovens fired by coal to generate the heat-power. Beside that, several other halls and installations are worth to have a look. See here the series of the power station: As this time the light was excellent and the corrotion is advanced, you will have the pleasure to see it in colour.