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Munich – Westend: Curiosities

November 23, 2014 in Black & White, Cities, Street by Chris OOM

During a short walk this sunday morning, I’ve found some interesting views.

All the series can be found here: Munich – Westend

This first photo is the window of a shot for truffles.















The next one is the window of the “Münchner Federn Zentrale”


















The Grid

September 21, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White by Chris OOM

Here are other new photos of an earlier set of photos from an abandoned factory in Casteliorentino in Italy. The construction of concrete is really impressive, whereas theare are two of them: one arc-type building and another cubical one.

-Bearbeitet-28 (3)














-Bearbeitet-27 (3)

Archaeological excavation

September 21, 2014 in Abandoned, [C] by Chris OOM

An excavation in the famous Hartelholz north of Munich led us to some semdom artefacts of prehistoric times. See here some of them.

Other nice shots on [C]

-Bearbeitet-6 -Bearbeitet-5 -Bearbeitet -Bearbeitet-4 -Bearbeitet-2

Finland – Kolovesi Kayak Tour 2014

August 29, 2014 in Travel by Chris OOM

Exciding kayak- and foto- tour in and around Finland’s national park “Kolovesi“.

Abound 100km of paddeling in a bit more then 5 days in windy, rainy and sunny conditions.

Find here a mix of beantiful photos as a documantation of my tour, the wild nature, the incredible light and sky.

















shower in grub’s house

August 16, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White, pink T-Shirt by Chris OOM

…..taking a shower in the house of grubs. This is the set 3 of 4 from this place “canker’s home”. The photos where taken on my ABANDONED places tour ’14.



Canker’s home – anno ?, 1:43

August 6, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

….who knows when this clock has been scraped and the place got ecame abandoned. At least we know, it was 1:43 am or pm.

More of “stuff” inside this location (I call it canker’s home) on the latest set of photos from my ABANDONED places tour ’14



August 5, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White by Chris OOM

….still digging for treasures on my old webpage: Found some sets of an ABANDONED brewery:

They are now about to demolish the historic building. Still remembering my last beer there….


ABANDONED places tour ’13

August 3, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

….cleaning up my webpage, I’ve found some valuable sets of photes from my last years ABANDONED (’13) places tour. I’ve set up a brand-new web page for. Have a look!



Canker’s Home – “Für den sauberen Tisch” / ” For the clean table”

August 3, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White by Chris OOM

This is NOT a representative photo of the location….

…but I thought is worth to show. because someone has used the “Für den sauberen Tisch” / ” For the clean table” – buckets as  lids for the toilet drain tubes :-)

This is a phots of the first s set of phots of the location “Canker’s home”, which is another set from my ABANDONED places tour ’14.


D40OOM for UBIUM’s “Illusion 2014″

July 26, 2014 in Publication by Chris OOM

One of my photos has been used for UBIUM‘s game event “Illusion 2014” in Finnland,. which was a side event of a big rock festival there, the Ilosaari Rock 2014.

It was the photo of the Tequila bottle, which, by the way, was mine….and I gave it away as a price for the winner…:-(…but as I’ve heard, we was really happy about it. Graphic design by SIEexpessions.


Heinz’ bus

July 26, 2014 in Cities, [C], Street by Chris OOM



This bus, I’ve seen today in Munich, close to the residence. It remembers be to old movies of Heinz Erhardt, such as “Das kann unseren Willi doch nicht erschüttern“. Not that I like this kind of stuff, but it represents a kind of awareness of life of that time…

( more new photos also in [C] )






Tilt-Shift trials

July 13, 2014 in Cities by Chris OOM

I just came back from a trip to Japan with a ‘Lensbaby‘s ‘Control Freak’. This is a free adjustable tilt-shift optics with exhangable lens and aperture plates. It’s by far not usable for precise work, such as architecture photography, but is allows a wide degree of freedom for artistic works. Here two examples from of Munich’s Olpymic statium. The first one is a kind of classic tilt-shift style. The second one also, but more my style…

Here a first series


















publication at

June 25, 2014 in Abandoned, pink T-Shirt, Publication by Chris OOM

my photo taken in an abandoned factory in the village Castelfiorentino / Italy has been published (w/o my permission) on Anyway – st least they have made a back link to me. (The arts page itself is somehow interesting…)



Flame cut mill

June 23, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White, Cities by Chris OOM

This is another hint to a photoseries I have made during my ABANDONED places tour ’14: The ‘russian flame cut mill‘ I’ve found it in a city of east germany. Interestingly the FLICKR-based ‘flickriver’ showen further views if this place. As you can see there, this place is not really interesting from the documentation point of view. Anyway, I have tried to point out some perspectives interessting form me. Judge on your own, what you prefer and let me know.


-Bearbeitet-2-2 (7)



June 21, 2014 in Street, Travel by Chris OOM

In June 2014, we have visited the island of Madeira / Portugal in the middle of the atlantic ocean. This place is really unique: The little island of about 20x50km contains a bunch of interesting sights which are offering great scenes for photographers.

Let’s start with some street scenes of a small village in the mountains taken during their cherry festival. You will see, that it is not only about those fruits:



June 20, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

 _MG_8082 _MG_8066Here some further impressions from the distillery I have visited on my ABANDONED places tour ’14. Can you imagine what you see on the photos? – let me know in a short comment.

More photos of the destillery, you can find here.

abandoned factory 1 /C

June 20, 2014 in Abandoned, Black & White by Chris OOM

This factory we have explored on our ABANDONED places tour ’14 in the south-east of Germany. This place we have found early in the morning od DAY 6. Your can find HERE some other interesting phots of this location.


The day of our visit we’ve has excellent light. The narrow  windows on the left side created amating light structures.











_MG_9719   The main part of the factory was a big hall with an traveling overhead crane under the ceiling. The hanging chains exposed to the sunlight gave a nice contrast to the old walls.










An abandoned, scary clinic near Munich

May 29, 2014 in Abandoned, Sinister by Chris OOM

I have visited on my ABANDONED places tour 2014 a corresponding clinic near Munich. Find here and under this link some nice captures


this one remembers me my album HORROR on Flickr. Have a look…


If you have seen the movie ‘THE TUNNEL’, you wouldn’t explore this place anymore…But even w/o it was ‘exciding’.

The green THING

May 17, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM




This big green thing and the other one in the green room, I have explored in an abandoned train depot in the east of germany. The machines are that big and heavy, I guess, that they are the only objects left in the huge facilities.

Here the photos BBW-I and BBW-II

I took the photos also on the ABANDONED places tour easter ’14.


Black Forest ?!?

May 17, 2014 in Black & White by Chris OOM

Is this really THE black forest?




Here some hints to find out:


any idea, where this whote has been taken?

If not, just enjoy the photos from my ABANDONED places tour easter ’14: Black Forest



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