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ABANDONED places tour ’15 – THE HOTEL

April 8, 2015 in Abandoned, Black & White by Chris OOM

This is the first post of a series about the latest ABANDONED places tour ’15 we did through the easter weekend. The 4-days tour was through the Jura souabe (Schwäbische Alb), Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in the south of germany and the Alsace (Elsass) in the south-east of France. We took photos from during laylight from 7 to 7, so it was again a really hard tour with a few sleep and some small injuries climbing over fences etc…

Here now the first series of THE HOTEL:


This is the first B/W series of the kitchen and the sallar:

This photos made it on FLICKR into the ‘explore’ and got about 10k clicks and 170 favs :-)


Here is the series of the kitchen and the sallar in color (different photos):


And finally the entrance hall, restaurant and the bar:


This was just the first shot – much more coming soon, step-by-step.

D&D:2view ARTS

March 8, 2015 in D&D:2views, Street by Chris OOM

Proudly announcing  the new page D&D:2views ARTS. This page is about a long term arts project. The projects is already running sind ~2008. Now first results can be enjoyed. Guess, what is it about.


Here my new page: URBEX special topics

February 1, 2015 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

After some years of urban exploring I’ve found in my pool photos, which are building a story around a certain subject. On this page, I’m showing those collections.-Bearbeitet-31


Volcán de Colima

January 23, 2015 in Mexico, Transparency Scan, Travel by Chris OOM

Motivated by a Spiegel Online sequence just released these days about the’Volcán de Colima’ (3850m) I have browsed through my photos of the year 2007 and I’ve found my view of the volcano. I was sitting on the neighbour volcano, which is meanwhile extincted, the ‘Nevado de Colima’. The coordinates are: 19.540600, -103.613045.

Here the amazing video about the erruption:

Have a look now to my view which I had from the other mountain which is in fact the higher one (4330m). It can be seen in the video the background. I have visited this mountain in 2007 by car. That means, I was driving a bumpy and dusty 30km ‘road’ up from 600m to about 3500m altidude until the car got stuck. Then I continoued riding on a pick up truck until the tip. After observing the volcano for some time I even had the chance of see a small erruption. At that moment I had already packed by camara and I was only able to capture the end of a much bigger ashes erruption….

CyberViewX v5.11.70 Model Code=47 F/W Version=1.13











The edge you can se in the following photo reaches about 2500m in altitude, which should give a brief impression about the mightness of this mountain which is standing in a nearly plain country of about 600m altitude.

CyberViewX v5.11.70 Model Code=47 F/W Version=1.13











More of the transparency scans here.

More about the volcanos here in the Wiki article (GER, ENG)

‘URBAN exploring’ updated

January 6, 2015 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

You might have seen the page ‘URBAN exploring‘. This is the landing page for the “URBEX” activities. Have a look.


winter good bye

January 3, 2015 in Travel by Chris OOM

Not sure if the winter is over already. After 50cm of snow within 48hrs, it melted down to 5cm withn 12hrs.

Anyway, see here the impressions of the 48hrs winther 2014/15:


winter greetings

January 3, 2015 in Street, Travel by Chris OOM



January 2, 2015 in Publication by Chris OOM

My webpagesa are on a good way thanks to YOU…:-)

Thanks a lot for your interest in my works!!!

….Here the stats of 2014 from my webpage

Looking now forward for your comments :-)













….and here the one of my FLICKR main page








December 31, 2014 in Abandoned, pink T-Shirt by Chris OOM

On the abandoned places tours, sometimes nice places for a selfie (ego-shoot) can be found. I have started this kind of photos already some years ago with the x-mas special “The pink T-shirt”. Now here comes “The Bunker”:

I have added also a dedicated page – the “ME – ego-shoots –
































C-F-PS – Gas Power Station

December 28, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

Here now another view into the gas power station – now in B&W, seen on my ABANDONED places tour ’14. Even when the light was good and the colours in there really nice and worth to show, I have tried B&W again. To my opnion still a better option to show the structres and textures.

Have a look:


C-F-PS – Gas Power Station

December 23, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

One of the most impressive places on my ABANDONED places tour ’14: A gas power station. It was anm excellent day with great light comming into the building. This in combination with the colours of the huhge installations made unique photos:

Have a look:


bullaugenblues – Exhibition & Vernissage

December 15, 2014 in LE4EL, Publication by Chris OOM

The exhibition of ‘bullaugenblues’ starts tomorrow, dec. 16th, 6pm In the Salon Irkutsk in Munich. The Facebook invitation here.

We have created a webpage with more details about the project. At the same time, this is an online exhibition of our works.

Flyer Bullaugenblues_Finalfassung


December 14, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

Another exciding location of my ABANDONED places tour ’14.

It was a power station. The heart of the facility consists of two 35m ovens fired by coal to generate the heat-power. Beside that, several other halls and installations are worth to have a look. See here the series of the power station: As this time the light was excellent and the corrotion is advanced, you will have the pleasure to see it in colour.



Abandoned Tour ’14: C-F-1

December 13, 2014 in Abandoned by Chris OOM

Now finally I was able to work on the photos of my ABANDONED places Tour ’14 which I did around easter.  Here the set of photos of the 2nd abandoned factory we have visited on DAY 6.


bullaugenblues – LE4EL – Vernissage 16.12.2014

December 9, 2014 in Abandoned, LE4EL, Publication by Chris OOM

LE4EL will open it’s first exhibition with a vernissage on dec. 16th, 6pm in the Salon Irkutsk, Munich/Schwabing. The title of the exhibition is “bullaugenblues”.

Why “bullaugenblues” (~lit. bull’s eye’s blues)  – what is the background?

The story beginns in the 70th – In Munich / Leopoldstrasse has been built a futuristic amusement complex, the “Schwabylon”. In there a very special underground discotheque – the “Yellow Submarine”. It was a while the IN-location for the jet-set. The architecture, specially of the disco was very special: It was build 3 floors underground as a huge tank and kind of reverse aquarium. The visitors where inside and the waterside – just like a submarine. The windowes were bull’s eyes as you can see on the photos on our flyer below. After a few years of operation, the disco changed names a few times until it was closed. The surface complex was demolished a few year later, but the yellow submaring construction remained as a part of the Holiday-Inn hotel which was next to it. Last year (2013) the Holiday-Inn was also demolished in order to rebuild the whole quarter. LE4EL took the chance to pick of the last impressions of this famous place and it’s last sad days. More impressions have been collected on a facebook page of activists who wanted to keep it alive as a cultural monument.

As we have not been able to make an exhibition at the location itself, we found now the opportunity to exhibit in the Salon Irkutsk. This special bar lures people who might have lived their best time of the live in the yellow submarine….

I have documented the Holiday-Inn and the Yellow Submarine here, here and .

LE4EL has the intension to interprete a location or process from 3 different points of view by different artists. The exhibition will show the works of Jens, Helmut and myself. This is the link to the project page. The Exhibition can be found from december, 16th onwards also online.


Flyer Bullaugenblues_Finalfassung

Pieter Daarth Project – Song Teaser “Beyond the Light”

December 8, 2014 in Publication, Sinister, Video by Chris OOM

Here another video of Pieter Daarth Project with some of my photos utilized:

Pieter Daarth Project – IDENTITY

December 8, 2014 in Publication, Sinister by Chris OOM

Another publication of one of my photos in the Pieter Daarth Project :


Lovely Motown

December 6, 2014 in Video by Chris OOM

taken on the streets of Detroit

another publication on Pieter Daarth’s Project

December 5, 2014 in Publication, Sinister by Chris OOM

proudly sharing the photo – see more on his facebook page. Soon releasing the CD.


Munich – Westend: Curiosities

November 23, 2014 in Black & White, Cities, Street by Chris OOM

During a short walk this sunday morning, I’ve found some interesting views.

All the series can be found here: Munich – Westend

This first photo is the window of a shot for truffles.















The next one is the window of the “Münchner Federn Zentrale”